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'Reflections on Eilean' 9 Colour Reduction Linoprint by Tara Slater (2021)


Artist and Printmaker


At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, I was inspired to elevate my art from a hobby I loved to a career that brings me daily joy.  I wasn't sure at first which direction my art would take, but rediscovering printmaking quickly answered that question.  I combine my joy of carving with my love of animals and the natural world, exploring through carved lines and colour my own personal connection to the world.

Thank you for your interest in my work.  See my gallery for past and current work and my shop to purchase available prints.
Tara x

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I am delighted to be a resident artist at the Made in Ross gallery upstairs in the Market House, Ross on Wye.  I have a permanent exhibition of my work in the gallery, alongside the works of 12 other artists and artisan makers, all of which is available to buy. 

I steward in the gallery 4 or 5 afternoons per month.  Check out my Instagram page for info about my works in progress and when I'll be in the gallery.  Made in Ross is a lovely place to visit!

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'Follow Me' 4 Colour Reduction Linoprint by Tara Slater (2021)

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